Ben Bolt cancels fall sports.

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Re: Ben Bolt cancels fall sports.

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H.TIGFAN wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:10 pm Jim Wells County has 15 deaths so far from Covid, ... ovid+count
I like the way Wichita County does its reporting. They report by age decade with the exception of 0-10 being broken in half, 0-5 and 6-10, then 80+. They show the number of cases and then the number of deaths.

Wichita County Stats
0-5 14 Cases 0 Deaths
6-10 17 Cases 0 Deaths
11-19 88 Cases 0 Deaths
20-29 250 Cases 0 Deaths
30-39 200 Cases 0 Deaths
40-49 162 Cases 1 Death
50-59 143 Cases
60-69 94 Cases 4 Deaths
70-79 48 Cases 1 Death
80+ 23 Cases 4 Deaths

Confirmed Cases 1,039
Home/Active 264
Hospital/Active 18
Recovered 747
Death 10

Total Population 131K
Number of people tests 16,144
Negative Tests 14,787
Number of Pending Tests 318
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Re: Ben Bolt cancels fall sports.

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PurplePunch wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:46 pm Who the heck is the “county health officer” in a county with 40,000 people? Pretty sure no MD is going to take that job on a county salary, so who is? Does a county health officer have the power to close schools and end sports? Abbott seemed to think he did, and people questioned that.
Seems like the schools abdicated to a petty tyrant. Anyone from Ben Bolt on here? What happened?
A county health officer is usually a doctor who takes the position on retainer or is a retired doctor. I live in Brown County and or health officer is a retired doctor.
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