WHAT HAPPENED???????????

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Re: WHAT HAPPENED???????????

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Maybe San Saba has a very good team this year. We had a two starters out for us, that obviously play both ways as does all starters just about at this level. Our top inside lb that also is our tackle and our starting guard, that plays defensive tackle. San Saba did not play a great game, and Mason played with a TON of heart, being down many starters. I give a lot of respect towards Mason.
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Re: WHAT HAPPENED???????????

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Great Discussion guys!!

I now see what happened with Mason and San Saba. Injuries can take the best team to it's knees in 2A and honestly I did not know the 'Dillos would be this strong. Now I know any game between Windthorst and Archer City will be good and now I wonder if they will take this and work even harder to stay on top. Didn't hear anything much from our Beaver fans, but I know they are probably taking this and using it as motivation to not let it happen again.
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