2017 Photo Contest winners

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2017 Photo Contest winners

Postby Razorback » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:42 am

CONGRATS to All the winners!!

Action Shots
Location - "The Pit",
City - Tenaha TX
Country - USA
Description - Overton Mustang Luke Osburn #1 in green and white about to pull in a 42 yard TD catch as time expires in first half over the out stretched hands of Tenaha player #18 Cody Foshee. Other Tenaha player #20 Jatorian Calloway.
Photographer - Ronnie Sartors, Overton TX

Edited Shots
Seymour Football Field
Seymour, TX
Windthorst Trojans Seniors at Seymour football field run through sign with American flags
Photographer - Tom and Amy Wolf

Landscape Shots
Mason Puncherdome
Mason, TX USA
Mason Puncher Homecoming Bonfire
Photographer - Debra Norman

Thank you all for your awesome submissions!!!!!!

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