How Player of the year works!!

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How Player of the year works!!

Postby Razorback » Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:58 am

Player of the year vote. To keep it fair this is how it works.

The posters will have until December 30th at Midnight to vote. This will account for 33% of the POTY vote. This player will win the "Poster's Choice Award".
Moderators will also be voting at this time and it will also account for 33% of the vote.
I will account for the other 33%.

Spread the word to all your friends, Facebook buddies, and family. On January 1st the winner will be named. Please if you want your player to win the Posters Choice section make sure you spread the word.

As soon as the voting is finished for the POTW I will set up the voting for POTY.

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